“Rich imagination and pure story…”

Rebecca’s work was featured in a recent article by Mackintosh Academy, “Five Reasons that Reading Aloud (Even to Older Children) is Beneficial (Plus a Bonus List of Book Suggestions).” Below is reason #4:

“Provide space for the child to immerse himself in rich imagination and pure story without the sometimes frustrating work of reading.

Rebecca Bellingham, reading expert and TEDX speaker on ‘Why We Should All be Reading Aloud to Children’, says, ‘When we teachers and parents read aloud, we do the tricky decoding work and we free kids to think and imagine the story.’ When listening, your child’s brain is free to indulge in visualization and simply go where the story takes her. Isn’t that what we ultimately love most about reading — losing ourselves in other lives and other worlds?”

Click here to read the full article!

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